2018  Time marches on…New guitar pickup announcements expected soon, stay tuned, and thanks for all the recent birthday wishes!

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Blog 37

The hurricanes have passed, Irma at 185 miles an hour wind speed bobbed an weaved but ultimately caused no real damage in our part of town. Our power was out for a week and you realize how much we take AC for granted. It made me remember when I was growing up in the 1950s AC was not widespread in homes, as a matter of fact my middle class family just got one window unit in the mid 60s and central air was still only for the well to do into the 70s and later. Mexico just had a big earthquake so there’s devastation, destruction and suffering enough to go around these days.

On a more positive musical note, my durantula Dual Quad guitar pickups prototype phase is finally nearing an end so look for more info on that front coming up!107Antulaglow


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Return of the Blog! 36

Back again after another year on hiatus beachside! Ha! Well, enough laying around, it’s back on the blog job 2017. Don’t be expecting political discussions as I believe that business is so corrupt, people believe what they want to believe and I am not going to change anyone’s mind with my brilliant words anyway. I would like to continue to discuss interests in music, guitars and art. I’m good at saying how my communication with y’all is going to get better and I will will keep in touch more blah, blah but it is my intention to do just that, so stay tuned. All this internet and social media can be really great or a big waste of time, I’ll try not to waste your time!        Oh brudder!

I will also continue my episodes of the “Mymynd” short story that was started way back in Blog #22. Don’t expect a conventional short story but you might find it interesting or fun, or not.

I welcome your comments too, although most of the posts I’ve gotten in the past have been spam.      So check back periodically for more updates. Thank you all!

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Blog 35 2016

2016 already, Time flies…

I hear bands saying they are putting out a new album. What exactly is an “album” anymore? Except for a few, they are not on vinyl, not even on CD sometimes anymore. So does it make any difference for bands to release a bunch of stuff all at once or just spread out releases a song or two periodically, is it better for the fans either way? Is the “Album” as an art form pretty much history?

Speaking of history, it’s sad to see a lot of pioneering rock musicians leaving us lately, what can you do…

Stay tuned for news about durantula “Dual Quad” pickups and the continuing installments in the “Mymynd” sci-fi short story saga and of course, more controversial guitar rantings, etc etc

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I’ve been bad to the Blog, but are back in black, bloggin the Jack, back into the future! The Blog lives!
There’s plenty of things to gripe about, along with the MYMYND series, (s/f short story being written in random installments in past blogs here), and ranting for people about music and guitars, info and opinions about the state of things musical or otherwise. So look for new activity here on the Blog coming up!

Surreal Music and Art for Non-Conformists
107And Durantula Dual Quad pickups




Patents Pending all other material copyright or TM durantula 2015

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Blogg 33 2015

AntulaglowCheck back soon for new blog entries, sometimes real life interrupts the fun and games. The Music, Art, Inventions and Website will have to wait but will continue ASAP. Thanks for your support and patience!

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It’s been awhile since last post, so much happening I got no time for all the stuff I want to do. You might know about Nancy’s surgeries lately, going in for her third procedure, the second on her eyes, (she lost sight in her right eye), along with the on going cancer gene procedures. Her sight is better, she has more operations coming up, so wish her luck.

Watch for more installments of my new short sci-fi story “Mymynd” coming soon but I need to get back to guitar stuff for awhile here.

What happened to the guitar market? I tell you what happened, the suits at the big guitar companies last concern is quality of their instruments, the bottom line is God to these idiots, they will spend a dollar to save a penny. I worked for a guy that didn’t even like music, he liked money though. So it’s the race to the bottom, you can get a guitar and amp for under a hundred dollars now, it’s crap made in china, (I thought we were supposed to hate communists and not have any dealings with them?).

So now there are millions of these cheap guitars flooding the market and no one to play them, after all it’s kinda hard to learn a musical instrument. PlayStations and the like are easier and more instantly gratifying. Fender and Gibson are trying to reinvent their Strat and LP ad nauseam. So the market is slowing to a near halt because there are only so many potential customers. Innovation once valued is now discouraged by these suits to the benefit of the status quo and increasingly generic sounds. It’s the same stuff over and over, bland pulp for the masses. Hey, if all you care about is a flamed top, go for it. I can buy a table with fancy wood if all I want to do is look at it and worry about getting a ding on it.

I don’t normally blow my own horn so much but hopefully in the next year I will be manufacturing my “Dual Quad”(pat. app. for) pickups for sale. I won’t play any other guitar besides my own now as the ”durantula” guitar sounds better than anything I’ve played. Check out the prototypes on my Guitar page! All made of high quality solid un-figured mahogany and maple. You buy a guitar with a flamed maple neck and you are just asking for it to warp, and don’t even ask about spalted wood on a guitar. It may look cool but it’s the most unstable wood there is. These guys will come up with any worthless gimmicks to make a sale to the clueless buyer.

So stay tuned for pickup availability in 2015 made with 3D printed parts and hand wound by me.

durantula is a registered trademark, all rights reserved. All music, art and written word copyrights 1968-2014

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blOG 31-episode7

In Blog 22 I started installments of my short sci-fi story “MYMYND”. I know that most of you are wondering WTF? so next time we’ll get back to guitars and amps, lots to discuss.

Anyway here we are up to episode 7 of MY MYND:

It was then I knew, the last chance to get rid of MyMynd, IF, I didn’t already have the nanos, if I did, they would just reconstruct a new one without interruption in which case you could never get rid of the chip. So I knew I had to take it out and pray. Without further ado I whipped out my pocket knife and cut it out of my neck. I had a towel for the blood, they discouraged you from removal by making it tied to an artery, ah what do I care, I don’t need no stinkin…  It was the moment of troof, I guess you figured I lived, if’n I was a righten this here whatever the hell it is. Yeah, Great, Now what! I was completely cut off from almost all contact with society. Certainly everyone was gonna wanna ply me with Holy Water but I had to try to focus…Lose, Drop, Think, Don’t Drink!–Lose, Drop, Think, Don’t Drink!

I couldn’t think of faking it with anyone with a Mynd, so I stayed away as far as I could get, I mean WTF now? Have you ever been without a Mynd?

I wandered for days, weeks, I didn’t know what to do or where to go, and then I saw her. I didn’t believe it at first of course, I thought I was seeing things, of all the people on earth I would see her I guess, but no, there she was again, I ran to her and grabbed her to see if she was real and she was! It turns out a small group of “rejects” had started a settlement of sorts out in a secluded valley away from the Mynd. It wasn’t fancy and didn’t have the comforts of civilization but we knew we could never go back to the way it was. It was up to us to make the best of it.

The weather was not controlled out there so we witnessed the forces of nature and a life only watched by those with a Mynd. We were thinking for ourselves with our own minds.

A bartender had built a small neighborhood bar and grill to gather at and at least I’d finally be able to completely lose MY MYND. to be continued…

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bLoG 30-MyMynd episode 6

MyMynd episode 6:

falling, falling to where?

In the back of MyMynd I remembered hearing about some group developing a new sort of what they called “Holy Water”. Holy Water for MyMynd. But just what was in this new water or was it all hype? My head was spinning alright, in only a few days the whole world had turned on it’s head and we didn’t see it coming at all, well, I was one of few dumb enough to start making a stink. Nobody’s listening and nobody wants to hear that weird downer BS either. A voice crying a river in the wilderness, blah, blah.

Holy Water Energy Drink! They promised that drinking their water would give you the “edge” to perform better than the next guy. To make a long story short,(ha), the Holy Water was loaded with nano particles which would update, then monitor and regulate your entire body and Mynd. The big question became just WHO was in charge and what was their agenda?

Electron Microscope detail of Holy Water nano-particles:


Most of your average people went about their normal lives and didn’t give any of this any serious thought, (myself included for the most part) but what the old man had told me was starting to ring a bell somewhere in the back of MyMynd, like I said.

Lose, Drop, Think, Don’t Drink! This was dangerous stuff, I needed to be careful what I was thinking about and sometimes I didn’t even know what I was thinking about, then what?

Somehow I felt I was regaining some of my long lost individually but it meant I was on the run and like I said, how can you run from something you can’t see? So what to do now, it was obvious I couldn’t ever return to my apartment, I’d be carried away in a second now. I wish that old hobo hadn’t died on me, I needed to get more information, maybe he had friends who knew something?

Was I still in a dream, I hoped? No such luck this time………………………end of MyMynd episode 6

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bloG 29

MyMynd episode 5- Dark Days:

I remember dark days trying to hide anywhere  but how can you hide from something you can’t even see? That’s when I was “hiding” under a gigantic obsolete roadway of tons of concrete and steel, an old man told me to lose My Mynd. “Have you lost your Mynd?” I asked him. He replied “yes, and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done!”  I gasped and hoped to God the monitors were distracted and did not hear us. “The Mynd is the best thing ever, it’s freedom!”, I said hastily. “RRIIGHT!” he mocked me, “freedom bah!” And then he said something I’ll never forget…{insert your fav commercial here or go get a beer etc.}, (oh well, let’s just get on with it anyway), so he says you got to: “Lose your Mynd, Drop your Myndset, Think for Yourself!  AND Don’t Drink the Water!!”

Lose, Drop, Think, Don’t Drink!       Lose, Drop, Think, Don’t Drink!

At the time, it was almost unthinkable to not to have a Mynd, it became a necessity for everyone and became integrated into everything important in your life. You were pretty much a loser if you didn’t have a Mynd! So just the thought of now NOT having a Mynd was shocking! And you have to drink water, don’t you?

“What’s with the water?” I axed and he replied, “It’s In The Water” “What’s in the water?” I axed again but of course he dropped dead in my arms at that moment before he could tell me. I thought it would be worth looking into since I hadn’t anything worthwhile to look into but my head was spinning and I remember falling, falling………………………………..(end of episode 5).


Stay tuned for continuing episodes of this short story periodically in this here blog, along with the inevitable Guitar and Amplifier news and discussion and more!


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