sci-fi 27

I started writing a sci-fi novelette “MyMynd” (see Blog 22 and 23), so look for the continuing adventures periodically!
Here’s the latest-episode 3:

In what I thought was my dream I realized My Mynd was missing! How could this be?! Thank god I did awake with My Mynd intact, whew!
But I stray from the story of how it all began.
Things were different then, I guess there’s nobody that doesn’t have a Mynd now, who wouldn’t want one? For Free yet! We were all lining up for the freebies, as the rich guys would say. But there were problmesvbT&^ B Y’ pq I………………………………………………

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Big 26



OK OK OK maybe a little late, it is Saturday in it? But 26 mean the half year anniversary of this blog, I coundn’t have done it without your generous checks and money orders, ( yeah I wish!), and as for all the requests for the continuing story started a few blogs back, it will resume next week so stay tuned as usual.

House of Durantula Studios is up and running, if you want to call it that, I call it the Space Shuttle because that’s about how much room there is, ha.

Recording has resumed with the instant classic in the tradition of “Join the Club”, the latest jem “It’s Gonna Get Worse!” and  also watch for some special guest stars too this time around! Back with more soon!

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BLOG 25 It’s Over

The winters are over with our move down south, it will be good for us in a number of ways. I remember many winters in Chicago, during the “Blizzard of 67″ I sat inside glued to my transistor radio listening to WOPA and the DJ Big Bill Hill. I remember Big Bill introducing the live band at the club they were broadcasting from “And now here is Chicago Slim and His All-White Blues Band”. More than one new years eves I almost lost my life to the Ice and Snow while trying to drive home after a gig.

We will miss all of our old musician friends and the gangs at Bloodshot and all my Wax Trax buddies! Nevermore will I see Shake Rattle and Read on Broadway there..WAIT a minute, we can always visit up here and y’all can come on down for a visit with us in St. Pete Beach! Huh, how about that!

Look for more durantula news soon right at

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Blog 24

First of all I want to announce a big get together with Ric Addy at Garcias Restaurant at 4760 N. Lincoln starting at 4:30, 5ish, Tuesday 24th. Come on by for dinner with us or just stop and say Aloha! We will be leaving by the end of the month, so it’s the perfect time to say ”Good Riddance!” too. Let’s see everyone out!!!

Anyway, here’s a photo especially for Jay and Tony. I had five combo amps, sold one to thin the herd when what comes along but the Holy Grail itself, the Webster Combo amp! I didn’t even know it existed but there it was for $49.00. How could I resist? I had to work on it a little but it’s up and running, it will need a new speaker and some tweaking but wow, it already sounds terrific!5b

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blog 23

MyMynd episode 2:

Once again I awoke in another hotel room in another dream, sometimes I’d let them go but this time the room was a drag, I tried to get out but for some reason…If things got really bad I would yell out my name as loud as I could in the dream and that usually would bring me back to this reality, I think…………………………………end of episode 2, now for something you’ll really enjoy!12-3-2010 8;13;37 PM-

Al Right!! You get it I got IT everybody’s got it, WHOOOooo!ANYWAY, How’s about my Dad in the hillbilly band in 19 of 51, the year I was born, boy did he screw up, huh?! Pre-Bloodshot recording on Pre-Bloodshot Records out NOW!!

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blog 22

Here’s the first installment of the new short story, “MyMynd”, watch for further episodes periodically on this blog!


The wind was howling at the door, so much so that it woke both of us going WTF?

Later at the tiny café/bar in the “lobby” we shivered over a Rum Runner, of all things , far from where we had begun and bewildered to find ourselves together, after all the hurt and pain and the years…How DID we get here indeed!  It all started back, back… when….They were after me of course, it seemed like this time I couldn’t go on, so tired, so tired..

I awoke in another dream and I knew it. This has happened many times before , so I knew just what to do. Just then the General walks in the room!! Of all the friggin times for the friggin Genereale to have to wal//?/*&&&^&*(((***!!!?!?!?!?!?

Note to all durantula fans: Our service has been breaking up so the words in this blog maybe garbled, thank you for yor patience, your call is important and will be answered in the order it is received, if you would like us to tell you someone might call you bach-ihnb aggagggG

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Blog 21, a new beginning

tap..tap..tap…is this thing on? Well Anyway welcome back again, again!

You know already about the move, we are in transit/limbo so you might just have to deal with sporadic posts.

Since this is a “new beginnings” topic today I thought I would throw up a bunch of embarrassing pics from my early days playing guitar, this photo that was in the paper promoting my first band’s first show at an outdoor festival, also the first time of many to come, to have my name misspelled. 1966


Dan Smith later became the very successful musician/songwriter/performer, Nevada Smith but not before we had our band “White Lightning” which was a power trio playing Hendrix and Cream songs in the mid-sixties. I saw him recently and got to sit in with him a bit, I’ll post a recent pic next week of us togetherwhitelightnin1
After that I slogged around the country with various bands some good some not so good until 1977 when I formed my new band at the time, (Public Enemy). These later days are referred to in greater detail on my Bio page.

On another note, an update of the Durantula”Dual Quad” guitar pickups. The 3D printed parts are totally happening, the accuracy and consistency are unbeatable. The range of tones is unmatched and they will be wound to exacting specs by myself. Stay tune for availability in the months to come.
And remember, durantula is a registered trademark all rights reserved, Dual Quad pickups  All Music and Art (except where noted) copyright by durantula 2014.Antulaglow

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blog 20


Jacaranda mimosifolia, not the Brazilian Rosewood but a beautiful relative, blossoming in the front yard, with the Palms, this Easter, 4-20-14


Oh I almost forgot, here’s a request for Bruce:1397477894893

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blog 19

Early blog this week to make up for the late one, enough of this beach shit to piss off all you northerners, we’re gonna get deep this week.

Besides everything else going on,  I’ve written four songs on this vacation I thought you would want to know about(?):

1. It’s Gonna Get Worse

2. Everybody’s Getting To Go But Me

3.It’s In The Water

4.My Mynd

They are not recorded yet but copyright 2014, durantula (trademark, all rights reserved).

Now on to the deep shit, a question for all y’all:

If you could come back as one of two people, which would you choose?

Either Paris Hilton or Vincent Van Gogh.

With Paris you would get a life as a rich person, very popular and a life of comfort.

With Van Gogh you would get none of these things.

Time’s up, you must decide!

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Blog 18

At blog 18 I’ve come of age, at blog 21 I’ll be able to drink, ha.1393591360350[1]

You can’t really see it but our house is on the far left on this picture above, I took the shot from the boardwalk on the south tip of Treasure Island looking over at St. Pete Beach.

The front yard pic shows some of the untended landscaping, to my surprise when we got it cleared a bit we realized that the pond in the middle was in the shape of a guitar! Pretty friggin weird, I’d say. So with all the chaos, stress and upheaval, I’m not going to be able to settle down for awhile, I’ll be in Chicago and Florida, here and there, blah, blah.1393364570722[1]

Hey, I’ll fit right in with the nut cases down here, did y’all see that video of the woman here that went in to a Mc Donalds wearing just a thong bottom and proceeded to trash the place? wow

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