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AntulaglowYou will never see an advertisement on I have complete control, so far, I am not beholding to anyone, so if you have any “issues” with anything, the buck stops here. I have a store page and will be offering items for sale periodically but that’s it!

Durantula is a registered trademark, all music and art copyrights 1968-2014, (except where noted). “Dual Quad” pickups pat. app. for

If you see an ad for anything else on this site, there is something wrong with your computer. Fbook can get pretty disgusting with all the tacky ads and that’s why the “news” you see on TV “news” channels is so superficial and whitewashed. Most of the real important stories are never heard on the so called liberal media or anywhere else for that matter. The sponsors are big oil and the like, they don’t want to see programs about new technologies that might threaten their bottom line. Anyway, no big oil here, ha!



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