late blog 16

My blog, my beautiful blog, left with tumbleweeds blowing thru…
I know, I missed a few weeks, it’s been madness and mania, crises and drama, plenty to go around for all.
The first phase of moving to St. Pete Beach Florida, I won’t go into all the gory details now but suffice to say once the move is complete you are all invited, well, not all, ha!
Well, with the process of the blog now under control, back on a real computer instead of a frustrating phone, now begins
the job of winning back all y’all that have left since the inactivity, winning back your faith and trust, blah, blah, woof, woof.
So anyway 16 means the fourth month anniversary, so it’s party time, spring breakers and senior citizens in perfect harmony on the beach, all the cares drift away, away…WHAT THE!?!?? The alarm clock is going off and I must get to work on time…NOT! NO MORE. Just want a little peace………..
So back on track here with regularity more next week. Thanks for listening

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