blog 22

Here’s the first installment of the new short story, “MyMynd”, watch for further episodes periodically on this blog!


The wind was howling at the door, so much so that it woke both of us going WTF?

Later at the tiny café/bar in the “lobby” we shivered over a Rum Runner, of all things , far from where we had begun and bewildered to find ourselves together, after all the hurt and pain and the years…How DID we get here indeed!  It all started back, back… when….They were after me of course, it seemed like this time I couldn’t go on, so tired, so tired..

I awoke in another dream and I knew it. This has happened many times before , so I knew just what to do. Just then the General walks in the room!! Of all the friggin times for the friggin Genereale to have to wal//?/*&&&^&*(((***!!!?!?!?!?!?

Note to all durantula fans: Our service has been breaking up so the words in this blog maybe garbled, thank you for yor patience, your call is important and will be answered in the order it is received, if you would like us to tell you someone might call you bach-ihnb aggagggG

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