Return of the Blog! 36

Back again after another year on hiatus beachside! Ha! Well, enough laying around, it’s back on the blog job 2017. Don’t be expecting political discussions as I believe that business is so corrupt, people believe what they want to believe and I am not going to change anyone’s mind with my brilliant words anyway. I would like to continue to discuss interests in music, guitars and art. I’m good at saying how my communication with y’all is going to get better and I will will keep in touch more blah, blah but it is my intention to do just that, so stay tuned. All this internet and social media can be really great or a big waste of time, I’ll try not to waste your time!        Oh brudder!

I will also continue my episodes of the “Mymynd” short story that was started way back in Blog #22. Don’t expect a conventional short story but you might find it interesting or fun, or not.

I welcome your comments too, although most of the posts I’ve gotten in the past have been spam.      So check back periodically for more updates. Thank you all!

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