Blog #2

Blog #2

This week’s blog is some serious shit. The passing of Nelson Mandela makes us reflect on how far we humans have (or have not) come in terms of basic human rights. Slavery in the USA was a black mark for a country supposedly founded on freedom and liberty. What kind of person wants to have slaves? Our founding fathers had slaves. I guess the thought back then was that the black people they brought over here were savages, so it wasn’t a big deal to treat them that way. They’re just animals. Humans are a pretty egotistical bunch always thinking we are so much “better” than everything else. Real smart.

It’s taken a long time to come as far as we have but I am constantly reminded that slavery is still common practice in many countries around the world today. Every once in a while you will see a story about this on the news channels but you will see this covered much less than news such as what the Kardashians are wearing to a party. The solutions are not easy to these things that have been a part of human nature since the beginning. Do you get ahead in this world by being nice or by being ruthless? Also what does “get ahead” mean? Money, power, or things like caring for each other and the beautiful good things in life?

So what to do, well we have a war on Drugs, Terror and just about every other thing why not a war on Slavery? For one, it’s not happening near us so who cares? What now, do we send our military over there to topple regimes that allow this kind of thing? We got problems here we need to work on, we can’t police the entire world. The topic needs to be brought to light much more than it has, shine a light on these people and their disgusting ways. We’ve had enough war in our lifetime, there’s got to be a better way…

As far as the prospect of wars go, the various religions compel the followers to start Holy Wars because their God told them to, for good or bad reasons or just because there is not enough space for a growing population, people need their space or we get irritable and lash out. Our dogs will bark when someone invades our home space. With the world population doubling in my lifetime and with people multiplying and encroaching on everyone else’s territory more and more, what can you expect for the future? Humans have always been tribal and still are very much so. Witness rivalry’s between sports teams that often cause fights in the stands. Ain’t we humans great?

Next week we will turn back to more pleasant things, more about music, guitars, art and the like so check back again!

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