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People used to keep a diary, now we keep blogs. The difference is that the diaries were secret but blogs are for the ENTIRE WORLD. Whoa yeah. It’s amazing to think that just 150 years ago there was no recorded music, no working automobiles, no airplanes, no electricity, no cameras, radio and TV, no phones, all these things we take for granted now have been invented so recently. Soon the “smart”phone, TV, computer and all will be together miniaturized into a chip that will be able to be implanted into a human at birth that will record each person’s life from start to finish onto a file like the Social Security number we all have already.

The implant will have a name such as “MY MYND”. Everyone will want it just like they want the latest iphone now, but there will be a down side…Oh jeez!

Surrealistic Audio/Visual for Non-Conformists

The “Audio” part of our lives is taken for granted by many…

I learned a long time ago that the music I was interested in wasn’t necessarily the most popular. Thus durantula audio/visual is NOT for the masses. I don’t want the Miley fans anyway. It is for the individual. W.M. Burroughs said “The most important thing a person can do is to become an individual again, de-control himself”.

When in my teens, my hormones pretty much forced me to be aggressive and one outlet for that was music, of course. I started playing guitar in 1966 and when I saw the Who at the Cellar teen club in 1967, it was a game changer. Then seeing Jimi Hendrix, the Doors, Cream, Blue Cheer, Paul Butterfield’s Blues Band, Buffalo Springfield and most of the other “underground bands” of the time was the inspiration that has kept me going to this day. Music has been a medicine for the soul and helped me thru many hard times and I don’t know what it would be like not to have it. I think most people probably feel this way too.

I’ve sometimes felt guilty at my job, (musician), or made to feel guilty, because I will sit and stare for long periods of time thinking music. If you can “hear a song in your head”, that’s what it’s like. The music is all around. If you can listen, you can hear it. Then, if you can re-create it with musical instruments, others can also hear it. It’s non-verbal communication that can say things words can’t.


A picture is worth a thousand words. I have been an artist since I was a kid, I still have some of it, not bad.  Inspired by the underground comics artists such as R. Griffin and of course Dali and Van Gogh among others, the advent of the modern computer has made it possible for me to fully visualize my dreams. Look for updates on my art page soon.

So begins the weekly durantula Blog. I’m open to discussion but will not suffer fools.

All kinds of topics to come:

Durantula Music and Art updates. The Guitars of durantula.

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  1. Mike Babcox says:

    Speaking of Blue Cheer… Did you see them at Niles West High School? (I think that’s where I saw them.) They were the loudest band I had ever heard at the time.