blog 19

Early blog this week to make up for the late one, enough of this beach shit to piss off all you northerners, we’re gonna get deep this week.

Besides everything else going on,  I’ve written four songs on this vacation I thought you would want to know about(?):

1. It’s Gonna Get Worse

2. Everybody’s Getting To Go But Me

3.It’s In The Water

4.My Mynd

They are not recorded yet but copyright 2014, durantula (trademark, all rights reserved).

Now on to the deep shit, a question for all y’all:

If you could come back as one of two people, which would you choose?

Either Paris Hilton or Vincent Van Gogh.

With Paris you would get a life as a rich person, very popular and a life of comfort.

With Van Gogh you would get none of these things.

Time’s up, you must decide!

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