Blog 24

First of all I want to announce a big get together with Ric Addy at Garcias Restaurant at 4760 N. Lincoln starting at 4:30, 5ish, Tuesday 24th. Come on by for dinner with us or just stop and say Aloha! We will be leaving by the end of the month, so it’s the perfect time to say ”Good Riddance!” too. Let’s see everyone out!!!

Anyway, here’s a photo especially for Jay and Tony. I had five combo amps, sold one to thin the herd when what comes along but the Holy Grail itself, the Webster Combo amp! I didn’t even know it existed but there it was for $49.00. How could I resist? I had to work on it a little but it’s up and running, it will need a new speaker and some tweaking but wow, it already sounds terrific!5b

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