BLOG 25 It’s Over

The winters are over with our move down south, it will be good for us in a number of ways. I remember many winters in Chicago, during the “Blizzard of 67″ I sat inside glued to my transistor radio listening to WOPA and the DJ Big Bill Hill. I remember Big Bill introducing the live band at the club they were broadcasting from “And now here is Chicago Slim and His All-White Blues Band”. More than one new years eves┬áI almost lost my life to the Ice and Snow while trying to drive home after a gig.

We will miss all of our old musician friends and the gangs at Bloodshot and all my Wax Trax buddies! Nevermore will I see Shake Rattle and Read on Broadway there..WAIT a minute, we can always visit up here and y’all can come on down for a visit with us in St. Pete Beach! Huh, how about that!

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