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MyMynd episode 4 in the continuing short story:

It was to be expected I suppose, I got every terminator joke in the book, and then some. I could see the people rolling their eyes behind my back when I would start talking about the “robots are coming” ha! The problem was they were expecting the robots to look like the Guv and as a matter of fact, due to their size, they were too small to even be seen at all. You wouldn’t even know they were messing with you until it was too late, but I digress again.
It happened gradually before anyone realized what was going on, at first it was the boon to mankind at a time when big solutions were needed to bring backwards or primitives up to speed with the more developed societies and to help these people with medical issues so as not to give diseases a chance to get out of control. A new chip for human implants could monitor and control bodily functions and could be downloaded to a doctor at a remote location, for instance. The potential was astounding, you could watch TV, internet, games or whatever just by thinking about it and you would see and hear everything right in your mind’s eye! At first the chip was expensive, only the rich could afford it but as time went on the price came down to the point that governments around the world found it cost effective to supply a chip to everyone for free. We all lined up, not thinking of the ramifications which would come to haunt us…………………..end of MyMynd episode 4

Watch for more episodes periodically! And also more Guitar and Amplifier talk, which is my main focus, (along with the music and art!).

The new collection of durantula (reg. tm.) songs has begun with “Worse” and “Everyone’s Getting To Go (but me)” also,

A lot going on so y’all come back, hear?

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