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MyMynd episode 5- Dark Days:

I remember dark days trying to hide anywhere  but how can you hide from something you can’t even see? That’s when I was “hiding” under a gigantic obsolete roadway of tons of concrete and steel, an old man told me to lose My Mynd. “Have you lost your Mynd?” I asked him. He replied “yes, and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done!”  I gasped and hoped to God the monitors were distracted and did not hear us. “The Mynd is the best thing ever, it’s freedom!”, I said hastily. “RRIIGHT!” he mocked me, “freedom bah!” And then he said something I’ll never forget…{insert your fav commercial here or go get a beer etc.}, (oh well, let’s just get on with it anyway), so he says you got to: “Lose your Mynd, Drop your Myndset, Think for Yourself!  AND Don’t Drink the Water!!”

Lose, Drop, Think, Don’t Drink!       Lose, Drop, Think, Don’t Drink!

At the time, it was almost unthinkable to not to have a Mynd, it became a necessity for everyone and became integrated into everything important in your life. You were pretty much a loser if you didn’t have a Mynd! So just the thought of now NOT having a Mynd was shocking! And you have to drink water, don’t you?

“What’s with the water?” I axed and he replied, “It’s In The Water” “What’s in the water?” I axed again but of course he dropped dead in my arms at that moment before he could tell me. I thought it would be worth looking into since I hadn’t anything worthwhile to look into but my head was spinning and I remember falling, falling………………………………..(end of episode 5).


Stay tuned for continuing episodes of this short story periodically in this here blog, along with the inevitable Guitar and Amplifier news and discussion and more!


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