bLoG 30-MyMynd episode 6

MyMynd episode 6:

falling, falling to where?

In the back of MyMynd I remembered hearing about some group developing a new sort of what they called “Holy Water”. Holy Water for MyMynd. But just what was in this new water or was it all hype? My head was spinning alright, in only a few days the whole world had turned on it’s head and we didn’t see it coming at all, well, I was one of few dumb enough to start making a stink. Nobody’s listening and nobody wants to hear that weird downer BS either. A voice crying a river in the wilderness, blah, blah.

Holy Water Energy Drink! They promised that drinking their water would give you the “edge” to perform better than the next guy. To make a long story short,(ha), the Holy Water was loaded with nano particles which would update, then monitor and regulate your entire body and Mynd. The big question became just WHO was in charge and what was their agenda?

Electron Microscope detail of Holy Water nano-particles:


Most of your average people went about their normal lives and didn’t give any of this any serious thought, (myself included for the most part) but what the old man had told me was starting to ring a bell somewhere in the back of MyMynd, like I said.

Lose, Drop, Think, Don’t Drink! This was dangerous stuff, I needed to be careful what I was thinking about and┬ásometimes I didn’t even know what I was thinking about, then what?

Somehow I felt I was regaining some of my long lost individually but it meant I was on the run and┬álike I said, how can you run from something you can’t see? So what to do now, it was obvious I couldn’t ever return to my apartment, I’d be carried away in a second now. I wish that old hobo hadn’t died on me, I needed to get more information, maybe he had friends who knew something?

Was I still in a dream, I hoped? No such luck this time………………………end of MyMynd episode 6

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