blOG 31-episode7

In Blog 22 I started installments of my short sci-fi story “MYMYND”. I know that most of you are wondering WTF? so next time we’ll get back to guitars and amps, lots to discuss.

Anyway here we are up to episode 7 of MY MYND:

It was then I knew, the last chance to get rid of MyMynd, IF, I didn’t already have the nanos, if I did, they would just reconstruct a new one without interruption in which case you could never get rid of the chip. So I knew I had to take it out and pray. Without further ado I whipped out my pocket knife and cut it out of my neck. I had a towel for the blood, they discouraged you from removal by making it tied to an artery, ah what do I care, I don’t need no stinkin…  It was the moment of troof, I guess you figured I lived, if’n I was a righten this here whatever the hell it is. Yeah, Great, Now what! I was completely cut off from almost all contact with society. Certainly everyone was gonna wanna ply me with Holy Water but I had to try to focus…Lose, Drop, Think, Don’t Drink!–Lose, Drop, Think, Don’t Drink!

I couldn’t think of faking it with anyone with a Mynd, so I stayed away as far as I could get, I mean WTF now? Have you ever been without a Mynd?

I wandered for days, weeks, I didn’t know what to do or where to go, and then I saw her. I didn’t believe it at first of course, I thought I was seeing things, of all the people on earth I would see her I guess, but no, there she was again, I ran to her and grabbed her to see if she was real and she was! It turns out a small group of “rejects” had started a settlement of sorts out in a secluded valley away from the Mynd. It wasn’t fancy and didn’t have the comforts of civilization but we knew we could never go back to the way it was. It was up to us to make the best of it.

The weather was not controlled out there so we witnessed the forces of nature and a life only watched by those with a Mynd. We were thinking for ourselves with our own minds.

A bartender had built a small neighborhood bar and grill to gather at and at least I’d finally be able to completely lose MY MYND. to be continued…

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