It’s been awhile since last post, so much happening I got no time for all the stuff I want to do. You might know about Nancy’s surgeries lately, going in for her third procedure, the second on her eyes, (she lost sight in her right eye), along with the on going cancer gene procedures. Her sight is better, she has more operations coming up, so wish her luck.

Watch for more installments of my new short sci-fi story “Mymynd” coming soon but I need to get back to guitar stuff for awhile here.

What happened to the guitar market? I tell you what happened, the suits at the big guitar companies last concern is quality of their instruments, the bottom line is God to these idiots, they will spend a dollar to save a penny. I worked for a guy that didn’t even like music, he liked money though. So it’s the race to the bottom, you can get a guitar and amp for under a hundred dollars now, it’s crap made in china, (I thought we were supposed to hate communists and not have any dealings with them?).

So now there are millions of these cheap guitars flooding the market and no one to play them, after all it’s kinda hard to learn a musical instrument. PlayStations and the like are easier and more instantly gratifying. Fender and Gibson are trying to reinvent their Strat and LP ad nauseam. So the market is slowing to a near halt because there are only so many potential customers. Innovation once valued is now discouraged by these suits to the benefit of the status quo and increasingly generic sounds. It’s the same stuff over and over, bland pulp for the masses. Hey, if all you care about is a flamed top, go for it. I can buy a table with fancy wood if all I want to do is look at it and worry about getting a ding on it.

I don’t normally blow my own horn so much but hopefully in the next year I will be manufacturing my “Dual Quad”(pat. app. for) pickups for sale. I won’t play any other guitar besides my own now as the ”durantula” guitar sounds better than anything I’ve played. Check out the prototypes on my Guitar page! All made of high quality solid un-figured mahogany and maple. You buy a guitar with a flamed maple neck and you are just asking for it to warp, and don’t even ask about spalted wood on a guitar. It may look cool but it’s the most unstable wood there is. These guys will come up with any worthless gimmicks to make a sale to the clueless buyer.

So stay tuned for pickup availability in 2015 made with 3D printed parts and hand wound by me.

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